Technology Business Incubator (TBI)

It is supported by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology aiming to incubate enterprises in need of new technology in order to strengthen sustain the business.

The basic requirement of incubates: it has to be a business owner or a person who is interested to open a new business which need to apply science and technology in their businesses.

- Benefits for incubatees

- The incubate will be offered working spaces and low cost facilities at TBI office to run the business with basic facilities such as computers, desks, chairs, cabinets, telephone and fax, and copying machine, etc.

- Also, there is a help of making business plan, market plan, and administrative plans with experts and team staff.

- The incubatee will also receive business consulting services.

- TBI helps business owners to access to funding in terms of loans or business partners. Business matching is another service to be provided for the incubatee.

- Product development, such as product prototypes, machine prototypes, material and consultant expenses, is also provided at the TBI; the business will then be able to strongly compete with the help of knowledge, technology, innovation, research, experts and resources from the university.

Steps of incubating

1. Business analysis ( up to 3 months)

- check business health

- train to do market research

- do preliminary market research

- analyze the start up of the business and set up the business

2. Setting up business practice ( up to 15 months)

- Set purpose of development and scopes

- Create business model

- Set developing method of each issue

- Develop a product/ product prototypes to be used in business

- Copyright and patent

3. Launching products ( up to 15 months)

- select the suitable market and distribute the products to the market

- promote the products according to the market plans by the incubates and the staffs (exhibition booth, marketing events, media)

4. Further development (up to 3 months)

- plan and do full business plan

** Times depend on the needs of each business**

Prior incubated business

- Agricultural business

- Device and science tools business

- Information technology business

- Beauty business

Part 4 Other services to support industrial sectors

2.2.2 UBI

Background and history

Khon Kaen University Incubator (KKUBI) was established on February 2, 2005 in order to be an inside university organization to support and promote for those who are interested in doing business or business starter to run the business smoothly and firmly by applying knowledge, technology innovations, and researches of the Khon Kaen University via business incubating project.

KKUBI provides 2 programs for business starters, namely, University Business Incubator (UBI)

The UBI program is supported from Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) by focusing on helping students, lecturers, and other personnel in higher education and newly graduates to set up their own business by the process of incubation. The targeted incubates are those who hold these qualifications.

- Must be students, lectures, or personnel who are in higher educational institutes or graduates

- Need to start their own business related to manufacturing, services, or technology

- Have a business concept or a prototype to set up a business What will incubatees receive from KKUBI? Under KKUBI, an incubatee will receive KKUBI services which include

- A working place will be provided for rent with low cost facilities such as telephone, fax, copying machine, Internet, and meeting rooms, etc. to reduce the cost of the newly set up business.

- The incubatee will receive helps to write business plan, marketing plan and technology plan from experts and staff.

- The business consulting will also be provided.

- KKUBI will also provide access to funding for the incubatee in terms of loans or partnerships.

- Business matching is another service providing for the incubate to create business partners and networks.

- KKUBI provide product development service in order that the business have enough potential to compete in the market by using knowledge technology innovation research, experts and resources of Khon Kaen University.

Related businesses

- Agricultural, food and drink business

- Scientific equipment and device business

- Information technology business

- Beauty and health business

- Art business

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