As the purpose of the Northeastern Science Park is to fully serve private sectors; however, the missions of the Science Park have not been recognized by the public. Therefore, in order to be a one stop service organization, it is vital to provide other services to cover the needs of the industries and enterprises. To coordinate and invite target customers to access the services of Northeastern Science Park to meet their needs, Bereau of Industrial Corporation has been established in order to publicize and advertise various services as well as to gather the needs of the private sectors and to connect the Science Park’s services with other related organizations.

It also connects, integrate, and coordinate with other related organization and publicizes the services of the Science Park to general public, together with the collecting needs from private sectors and matching them with the services of the Science Park or other related organization by taking the following activities.

(1) Human development training
The human resources will be trained to understand the services of the Science Park in every dimension and context in order to effectively provide helps and to improve skills and abilities to suitably associate and respond to the needs of the private sectors. Moreover, the human development training is considered vital due to the fact that the missions of the Northeast Science Park have not been widely accepted and recognized. Therefore, the responsible personnel must be a person who is able to give applicable information

(2) Networking
Networking is another important mission of the Bereau of Industrial Corporation to connect with other organization or institutes such as government, private associations, financial institutes an others, as well as to publicize and spread different kinds of Science Park services to those related organizations to understand the functions and actions of the Northeast Science Park toward being real ‘One Stop Service’ organizational body to the private sector.

(3) Visiting enterprises
The First Contact of visiting enterprises is a project to explain the services of the Northeast Science Park or other networking organization to best suit the needs of the business owners.

(4) Activities to promote the services of the Northeast Science Park
There are various kinds of activities to promote the services of the Northeast Science Park in order to be perceived by the public in the area; for example, meeting with private companies, business matching, need transferring cases, community service relation, production launching with Innovation EXPO, etc.

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