Laboratory service

To develop the potential of the laboratory for serving industries includes improvement of university laboratories to meet laboratory standards or to be ready to serve as well as to do research for industries such as space improvement, supply the analyzing or testing machines, and standardized analysis certification.

This aims to support research and development and production and build up customer base for Science Park in the future.

For the Northeastern Science Park focuses on developing the laboratory to serve industrial value chains of Thai broiler business as well as other related industries.

Each service will include

(1) Potential and needs survey of each laboratory in each university to match with each industrial sector

(2) To select tools, equipment, and laboratories which will receive the budget to improve

(3) Start the improvement process

(4) Open to serve for private sectors

(5) Publicize network laboratories to provide convenience for customers

1. Central Laboratory for animal breeding (under development)

2. Faculty of Engineering Laboratory, Khon Kaen University

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