IRTC is a project to serve SMEs in all manufacturing industries by promoting the use of technology to create innovations as well as to innovatively match manufacturing problems with consultation in terms of solving technical problems, improving efficient production process and product qualities to meet the international standards, and creating new products. It also focuses on training of searching for new technology from various sources in order to level up the SMEs’ competency to strongly compete in the international markets.

Targeted industries are

• Food and Agricultural industries related to plantation crops such as rice, cassava, sugarcane, local herbs; livestock such as pigs and chickens. This also covers value chain industries including new economic crops and animals, cultivation technology, cultivation and harvest, basic and advanced processing, instant food, renewable energy development, biomaterial development, etc.

• Information technology industries such as hard disk drive, business softwares, iOS, Android, Opensource, Cloud Computing, Digital Content, etc.

• Flagship project in the value chain is to raise value added in value chain of broiler industry such as developing Thai broiler, developing related functional food production, etc.


1 Consultation service for development of industrial research which has details as follows.

- To visit an enterprise for a first contact to introduce the project and do the preliminary diagnosis.

- To diagnosis technical problems and business development which focuses on technology, management, production process, quality control, product improvement and development

- To contact technical expert as according to the needs of the customers

- To contact technical expert and hire as a consultant of the project

- To develop researchers in private sector in order to sustainably solve the problems

- To monitor and assess the progress of the expert or the consultant

- To help search information about technology such as production process, machines, test equipments as well as service organizations

- To set a project for urgent requirements to suit the needs of specific industries.

2 Trainings and Seminars

3 Industrial information service

4 Searching for suitable technology from both inbound and outbound

5 Technology and business matching

6 Connect with other organization in order to serve industries

Qualifications of eligible enterprises

1.1 A legal entity such as a company, limited partnership, corporative or registered community enterprise having Thai stakeholder holding no less than 51%.

1.2 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) having capital no more than 200 million baht.

1.3 A private business organization with personnel, financial and management resources at a certain level willing to improve and develop its production technology

1.4 Having high commitment to develop its potential in production technology

Financial supports

1. Support 100% for expert expense on technical problems diagnosis and business development

2. Support project expense up to 50% of the budget or no more than 300,000 baht/ project.

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