Intelligent Design Center (Inde) is emerged from the coordination between KKUSP and OSMEP which see the importance of creating value added to the products whether by improving different products, packaging and advertising through various media such as trademarks, product labels, flyers, brochures, posters, catalogues, vinyls, or books. The Inde has professionals in terms of both design and consultant which thoughtfully analyze and finding righteous target customers and design to match the customer’s needs in order to increase the standard of the SMEs to be able to compete in the market both inside and outside of the country.


- Consulting service covers giving advice and design strategies for both general public and interested SMEs.

- Packaging design is another service by Inde. Packaging is not just to protect the product, but also to attract consumers to pay attention to the product itself.

- Product design is to create difference of the new products from the old ones in order to target different groups of customers.

- Publishing design is another service to promote the business’s image through the use of brochures, name cards, flyers, newsletters, catalogue, etc.

- Logo design helps customers to recognize and create image of the product resulted in creating more opportunity for more buying from the customers.

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