One important mission of the Science Park is to promote and support private sector to have enough potential to research and development in order to increase its competitive competence by collaborative research. In the past, research and development of the universities are not many enough to comply with the needs of the industries. The collaborative research will have university researchers to run the process and transfer the successful result to the private sector. This kind of research does not much support the contribution of the privates because it lacks continuity and potentials. Therefore, the collaborative research between the private sector and the Northeastern Science Park (Khon Kaen) aims to cooperate between private sector and university researcher. The private sector will contribute to both joint and research with the hope to create added value and competitive competency as well as to promote the research potential of the private sector and to realize the importance of research to develop both business and research personnel. Moreover, to create high impact to regional economic and community, the collaborative research between the private sector and the Northeastern Science Park (Khon Kaen) places importance on research of Flaship business and targets of the Science Park, which are value chain business of chilies and Thai broiler, agricultural and food, information technology, alternative energy industries. These can further strengths and continuous research for main industries in the region and to prepare the private sector to use different services of the Northeastern Science park in the future, too.

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Science Park, a major infrastructure to drive the country's development. Research and development As well as incubation entrepreneurship and new technology into the economy.


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