Alatus soap or Soap from Gurjan extract helps reduce acne, blemish and black spots (mottled skin)

Product information

  • Incubate:

    Nipaporn nasok

  • Business/Corporation Name:

    Alatus Company Limited

  • Supports for entrepreneurs:

      Khon Kaen University Incubation Center helps business in many ways such as product development, marketing and supplement of vital knowledge for running business including accounting, taxes and producing standards
      Future business practice
      Alatus Co., Ltd is researching and developing products to suit the needs of targeted customers. Also, the company’s mission is to support new knowledge and apply previous knowledge to make new products and innovations to serve the community which can help create value of community resources. In return, income from these new products and innovations will be used to support research and development. Moreover, the company realizes the value of forest resources in the community and sets up a purpose to conserve and increase a number of these resources in order to last for our younger generations. By helping and academic serving community for many years, strengths and weaknesses are learned. It is also knowledge from local wisdoms finding ways for people to live peacefully with forest and people in the community can earn benefits from these resources suitably and sustainably.
      Keys to success: Creating new knowledge, applying previous knowledge to make new products and innovations